The Promotion & Development Unit “Sustapen eta Garapenerako Unitatea – Unidad de Promoción y Desarrollo Sartu II”(“SGU-UPD Sartu II”), promoted by the Erroak Association, in line with the Ministerial Order of 14th November 2001, is a technical assistance bureau, financed by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and the European Social Fund (ESF) and established with the mission of “contributing to the progress and development of the Province of Gipuzkoa”.

According to the aforementioned Ministerial Order, “SGU-UPD Sartu II” constitutes a “module that collaborates in the preparation, support and assessment of projects in Workshop Schools, Trade Workshops and Employment Workshops (ET/CO/TE), detecting development and employment potentialities within its territory, preparing development projects and comprehensive action plans for the ET/CO/TE, furthering, either directly or indirectly in collaboration with the INEM (National Employment Institute) and promoting entities, the inclusion of the project participants in the labour market”.

he services and activities offered by the “SGU-UPD Sartu II” are grouped into two AREAS OF ACTION:

  • The promotion, preparation, support and assessment of the Workshop School and Employment Workshop programs, in addition to other training and employment projects.
  • The detection of development and employment potentialities in the geographic area of Gipuzkoa.


  • To investigate and analyse the opportunities for local, district and regional development, in terms of employment.
  • To develop, give advice on and technical support for the ET/CO/TE programs and other training and employment programs that help improve the employability of the people living in the region.
  • To give advice on and technical support for ET/CO/TE programs for inclusion in the labour market, either working for others or self-employed, and supporting the creation of businesses within the sphere of the social economy.
  • To collaborate in the monitoring of the inclusion in the labour market and in the assessment of the quality of the training provided, the work conducted and the social impact of the ET/CO/TE.


To achieve its objectives, the “SGU-UPD Sartu II” proposes the following work strategies:

  • The dissemination and promotion of the “Workshop Schools, Employment Workshops and “SGU–UPD Sartu” programs, as well as other training and employment projects, in order to guarantee the universality and fairness of this active employment policy with regard to the unemployed, businesses, and society in general.
  • The continuous improvement and diversification of the range of training programs offered at the Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops, in addition to other training and employment programs.
  • The improvement of the employability of unemployed job seekers, whilst combating youth and female unemployment, with particular emphasis on protecting the long-term unemployed and, in general, those at risk of social exclusion.
  • The strengthening of all matters relating to the identification, recognition and validation of competencies and qualifications, in addition to information, support and guidance with regard to continuous and lifelong learning in any sphere of activity or in any field of participation 1.
  • The fight against all kinds of discrimination, through the cross promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities in the different areas of activity. The optimisation of the support programs, progressively improving the quality of the results and occupational inclusion, by constantly measuring its impact in the territory.
  • The detection of development and employment opportunities in the territory, with particular emphasis on the social economy, and the provision of technical support for this.
  • The promotion of entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • The transfer of good practices amongst the various training and employment programs.
  • The promotion and creation of synergies and networking between the various entities and persons involved in training and employment in the different territorial areas of Gipuzkoa.


The “SGU-UPD Sartu II” comprises a multi-disciplinary team of 5 professionals who are specialists in the project work areas, thereby covering the needs of all the services offered.

This team is organised into two broad areas (Research, and Project Development), which include two parallel areas of work (Inclusion and Assessment), supported by a person in Administration.


In the March 2008 call for proposals, the Erroak Association presented its first project for the Promotion & Development Unit (PDU) of the province of Gipuzkoa and also for the Basque Country. Following approval, the “SGU-UPD Sartu” project was implemented over the following two years, with a team of 4 persons.

The Erroak Association then presented a further PDU project in the March 2010 call for proposals, and which was approved by the SEPE. The “SGU-UPD Sartu II” project commenced on the 7th June 2010, with a one year duration and including a new component in the project development area.

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