Special features on this site

Although the W3C does not recommend the use of tables if its purpose is only the layout of the page, in some cases we have sacrificed this point to get a better understanding of the absolute page and improve compatibility between browsers. Therefore, it is possible that those users viewing the web from a voice browser or from any tool that does not accept the use of tables , encounter some structural element that does not provide relevant information but , in all cases , they can always access 100% of the content. On the other hand , we have omitted to write within form fields explaining what to use as it is very simple forms special browsers and users easily interpreted unsophisticated . The reason for this decision is that value to apply this text in the interiors of the form fields the user creates more discomfort common that the advantages it can bring to special types of user.

Control over the text size

To improve readability of web content dela people with little visibility, SARTU website is ready for users to adjust the text size that is most comfortable for your reading.

Depending on the browser used the procedure to do may vary:

Mozilla Firefox

Increase text size:

For menu : View > Text size > Increase
For keyboard : [ Ctrl ] +

Reduce text size :

For menu : View > Text size > Reduces
For keyboard : [ Ctrl ] –

Back to normal size:

For menu : View > Text size > Resets
For keyboard : [ Ctrl ] 0

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Via the menu :

View> Text size > The largest
View> Text size > Largest
View> Text Size > Medium
View> Text Size > Smaller

Through keyboard and mouse:
Increase text size:
[ ctrl ] (turn mouse wheel down)

Reduce text size:
[ ctrl ] (turn mouse wheel up)

If you have any problems in accessing the contents or any suggestions we want to communicate, we may send through email :

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