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What we do / Social and occupational support and assistance

The assistance, guidance and support area is primarily dedicated to working together with each person in order to prepare and implement his / her own social inclusion roadmap, giving priority to those people who are at a disadvantage or who are experiencing social exclusion.

Our approach is based on the idea that each person is the protagonist in his / her own processes and that our first and most important goal is to establish a relationship of assistance, understood as a learning path towards achieving the greatest possible autonomy in order to improve and / or resolve his / her situation in time. We consider this process of providing assistance “from one person to another” as something dynamic and two-way, and which is affected by many different variables, the most important ones being:

  1. The team of professionals and the skills to be implemented. For this, in addition to the methodology set out in the “Support Manual” (Sartu 2003), Support and the social inclusion processes (Jaume Funes and Esther Raya 2001), in which their competences and limits are established, we also give particular importance to the skills that need to be developed and which depend on the situation faced when providing assistance to the person in question:
    • To understand: listen, guide, reflect feelings, summarise, confront, interpret, inform.
    • To provide support: establish contact, give confidence, relax, build hope, console, generate alternatives, focus the person by identifying his / her potentialities, reviewing positive experiences, pursue new paths, branch off.
    • To develop positive actions: identify difficulties, analyse and explore alternatives, optimise, strengthen.
  2. Networking, promoting the co-ordination of actions with the various resources on the community social support network and aiming to make the internal and external resources and services more accessible to everyone. The implementation of these strategies is in the form of a series of activities which allows us to address this area in a coherent and comprehensive manner. All the activities in this area are divided into programs.
Assistance, guidance and support:
Projects, programs or services directed at social and occupational inclusion through guidance, information and support.
Inclusion Services:
Projects, programs or services directed at developing municipal inclusion services, through personalised assistance and work with the local area.
Social Mediation Services:
Projects directed at supporting the development of communication processes, relationships, co-existence and the management of conflicts.

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