Who we are / Recognitions

Entities collaborating with the social services, within the Basque Country and also in Spain as a whole.

Reconocimiento de Erroak solidarioaSolidarity Association Recognition. Mila Aurpegi – Gipuzkoa – Mil Rostros.

logotipo "Diseño para todos" Holder of the “Diseño para todos” (Design for All) mark of commitment.

logotipo "Erakunde Laguntzailea" AN ENTITY COLLABORATING IN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES by Emakunde since December 2007.

SUSTATU award, granted by the Basque Government for the research work entitled “Occupational inclusion: an ecological approach to intervention”, conducted by Fernando Consuegra, director of the SARTU office in Durango, 1993.

UTOPIA award, granted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, for the services given to Special Attention groups. 1993.

REINA SOFIA award, for work towards the social inclusion of Drug addicts. 1989.

Teknika award for Social Entrepreneurship.

Erroak Association and Zabaltzen Association, declared to be of Public Utility.

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